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Azure Functions instead of Always-On WebJobs

When you need to speed up your app, Web Jobs are good to run processes required by your app when your user does not need immediate interaction with information depending on those processes, but they require the App Service hosting the continues WebJob to be enabled with the so called "Always On" feature.

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Both start with a queue

There are many ways to trigger Azure Functions and one of them is by a message in a storage queue which is the same way WebJobs can be triggered, so your web app will work the same using Functions than WebJobs.

You can read a queue with your Function Service connecting it to an existing storage account in a different App Service where you may be hosting your web app.

All Azure Functions are "Always On"

Different than WebJobs which need to be hosted in an App Service under Basic or Standard plans (both paid) to feature Always-On, Functions are "Always On" for all Function Service tiers.

That means you can execute your process at any time and as many times you want.  And if you choose the "Consumption plan" then you will pay only for time you run your process.

Azure Functions also run longer

If you have a WebJob requiring Always-On because it takes long to run, you can also replace it with many Functions running less time each.  The documentation specify that Functions under "Consumption plan" can run for up to 10 minutes, but I have been able to run them for up to 25.