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When you need a virtual machine, sometimes you don't need it to be up and running all the time.  Then is when you must make sure you run it only during that time you need it.

But, how to handle it?

There are ways you can make virtual machines go down when you don't need them.

At the very least you can have your virtual machine's user power it down before leaving the office, but that won't be enough to reallocate your virtual machine's resources at your cloud provider so you still will be charge for it.

A bigger problem comes when you need to start a virtual machine and you are not always there to log into the portal and power on each virtual machine.  What you would like is to make your virtual machine's users able to start their virtual machine when they need it, the same way they do in old times when they turn on their computers first thing in the morning.

There are ways to make that happen, but the easiest one is give your users access with My Cloud Toolbox app, where you have previously configured their virtual machine's information so you don't have to share it with your users.

All you need is to add our app in the list of authorized apps of your directory on Azure portal.