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IT manager reduces costs by letting her users start and deallocate their Azure VM

Angela has been IT manager for a small company for many years and even she is a single mother, has been able to keep up to date by studying after hours to lead the change into cloud computing technologies.


She was facing the obstacle of keeping in budged while needing more and better Azure virtual machines.

Knowing the fact that the way to reduce the cost of virtual machines was by stopping and deallocating the virtual machines while they are not in use, wanted to implement a plan for that, but found two problems: she needed to stay on top of her users to let her know when to deallocate their VM and their users needed her to start their VM before they can use it.

As she was in charge of Azure portal management, was not able to give her users Azure credentials to enable them to start/stop their VM on the portal.


Angela found out that a web app to enable her users to power their own VM on demand would be the perfect solution because not only their users can handle it on their own, she will not need to install anything on their devices.

She signed up for a free trial of the web app and after configuring access to her virtual machines was able to have her users create an account and give them unique REST URL for starting and/or deallocating each of their virtual machines.  This way she accomplished the goal of letting her users start and stop their virtual machines with no need to have her users directly access Azure.

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