App to manage cloud resources

App to start Azure VM anytime

Our app lets you or your users start and stop (deallocate) Azure VMs on demand.


A web app that starts Azure VMs with no need to enter to the portal

When you have a virtual machine that you don't use 24/7 it is a must to power it down to save money, but the actual problem is to power it back up.

A web app that helps administrators and also users

You want your users to be able to start or stop their own VM by themselves but you cannot give them permissions to enter to Azure portal.

With our app you can give your users a way to start their VM so they do not need to know the credentials.  You establish an authorization between your cloud provider and our app for as many VMs as you want and we will take care of anything else.

Also, it is a web app, so you don't need to install anything.

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The main screen shows the status of each virtual machine.

control zone

The users can start each virtual machine at their convenience.

cloud apps

A place where you define all the parameters which let us monitor and control your virtual machines.


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